ChatGPT Plugins for Top 10 Untapped Business 2023

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Imagine building a business on an emerging platform like the internet in the early 2000s, or building some of the first iPhone apps. Well, with the recent release of ChatGPT plugins, you know I have an opportunity to do just that. I have a feeling that this opportunity is going to be far bigger than the crypto and NFT wave we’ve just seen. This is because anyone can start building these plugins in a matter of minutes with the help of ChatGPT.

So, in this article, I’m going to be giving away 10 different million-dollar ChatGPT plugin ideas that I’ve come up with myself for you to steal and start building now before everyone else catches onto this once-in-a-decade opportunity. At the end of the article, I’m going to be giving away two more bonus ideas that are my personal favorites, that I almost didn’t include.

ChatGPT Plugins for Top 10 Untapped Business 2023

Unlocking Your Path to Financial Freedom with ChatGPT Plugins

So, if you don’t know me, my name is Newton. I build AI applications for my clients through my development company. Now, in the few days since the release of ChatGPT plugins, we have been bombarded with people asking us to build their plugins. So, I know people are already moving on to this opportunity. So, I wanted to write an article for you guys to help you get a jump on this opportunity before everyone else and do so by giving you an example of insane ChatGPT plugins that you can create to start making money with AI.

But before we get into the ideas, there are a few things that you must understand in order to be able to take advantage of this opportunity. Understanding the importance of plugins may seem challenging initially, but what I’m about to tell you will put you ahead of 99% of other people. This technology can get you much closer to financial freedom. So, stick with me, and I promise it will be worth it.

The ChatGPT Plugins Opportunity

ChatGPT plugins serve as a new way for users to interact with all of their favorite apps and new functionality, all through a chatbot. In simple terms, ChatGPT plugins are like eyes and legs for ChatGPT, allowing it to interact with the real world and perform real-world actions. Think of ChatGPT as the iPhone and plugins as the apps.

For example, the Instacart plugin allows you to order groceries from within ChatGPT. The Kayak plugin allows you to search for flights, accommodation, and rental cars. And they Speak plugin acts as a personalized language coach within ChatGPT. Essentially, ChatGPT users can now access all of their favorite websites and all of their favorite apps all from within a chatbot interface. So, this provides us with huge opportunities to make money as well.

Within the 10 plugin ideas that I’m about to share with you, you’re going to see both of these types. Now, please don’t be scared off by all of this coded talk. You do not need to know how to code to take advantage of this opportunity. But knowing these basics that I’ve just taught you about will help in the long run.

So, with that all out of the way, you’re finding clear on what plugins are and how they operate and why this is such a huge opportunity, we can finally get into the good stuff. Now, remember I am throwing in my two personal favorite ideas as a bonus at the end of the article. So, make sure you stick around for that.

First Business Idea With ChatGPT Plugins

So, the first ChatGPT plugin idea is a Crypto Trader Assistant bot. This product will be created for crypto traders and crypto investors in order to give them access to real-time financial information in a more accessible way. There are thousands and thousands of tokens across the crypto market. Thus, for someone seeking to trade or invest, the capability to filter through these various coins and determine which one meet the criteria would be of great value.

For example, someone may want to search for what coins are down 50% over the past three months. What you could then do is use the Coin Market Cap API to search for any tokens that meet that criteria and then give it back to the users nice and quick.

Second Business Idea With ChatGPT Plugins

Idea number two with ChatGPT plugins is a personal inbox management bot. This bot would use the Gmail API to connect to the user’s Gmail and then allow them to interact with it in a natural way. For example, a user could wake up in the morning, hop onto ChatGPT, and ask, “Give me a one-line summary of all the emails that came in overnight. Additionally, you can enable them to respond effortlessly to all of these messages, enabling them to complete all their inbox management tasks in the morning. Alternatively, you can provide them with a simple labeling feature that will scan their emails, identify their subject matter, and label them with the appropriate tags, ensuring that their inbox is accurately sorted and labeled.

Third Business Idea With ChatGPT Plugins

Idea number three with ChatGPT plugins is a Facebook Ads Assistant. Almost all businesses are using Facebook and Instagram ads through the Facebook Ads Manager right now. What this app will do is connect to the business owner’s Facebook Ads Manager via the Marketing API, which is a product that Facebook allows people to use. Once you have access to the performance data of all their ads, then you can do a number of different things, such as data analysis or turning on and off campaigns and ad sets, or even suggesting new campaigns to run.

If you created this, especially if you actually knew how to run Facebook ads in a profitable way, this will be enormously valued. Because suddenly a business owner can run their own ads through ChatGPT instead of having to outsource it to a marketing agency and paying thousands of dollars a month. Now, this application is obviously huge in scope. But imagine the amount of value that will be unlocked with this kind of application.

Fourth Business Idea With ChatGPT Plugins

Idea number four with ChatGPT plugins is a real estate assistant. This is very similar to the crypto app in that you are accessing the entire market’s worth of information but making it easily accessible through chat interfaces. For example, if someone could enter the area, the budget, and the house size of what they’re looking for into the chatbot, and it would search for it within the APIs that are provided by Zillow or other realtors, then it could easily provide them with all the houses that match that search. This could be a game-changer as it eliminates the need for manual filter and preference settings or sifting through multiple properties. Instead, you could search using natural language and find the desired homes.

Fifth Business Idea With ChatGPT Plugins

Idea number five with ChatGPT plugins is an accurate movie review tool. Now, this one is super simple, but I wanted to throw it in here to show you guys the range of possibilities here in terms of how big and how small these apps can be. I came up with the idea for this plugin because before I watch a movie, I like to check if it has any good or bad reviews.

If you wanted to automate that process, you could use a plugin app like this where I could type in the name of a movie. It would search the Rotten Tomatoes API, to which you’re able to apply for access, and it would then do is take all the movie reviews from regular people and then sort of summarize them all and give me a nice, concise pros and cons list.

So, the good things about this movie, people found with this. Some people found that these were the issues with the movie. Essentially, it would save me the time of going through all the reviews manually and essentially figuring out the trends of what’s bad about the movie so that I can determine if I want to watch it or not.

Before we get on to number six, if you are enjoying this article and you want more juicy plugins content just like this, be sure to follow this website and read our post regularly because I have more article exactly like this coming on the way as well as full guidance on how you can build your first plugin using as little code as.

Sixth Business Idea With ChatGPT Plugins

ChatGPT plugin idea number six is a personal coaching app. This kind of plugin would be perfect for people with a coaching business so that they’re able to take all the knowledge and all the information that they regularly teach to their students and make it available to a chatbot through a custom knowledge base. Now, I’ve made articles about this on my blog previously, but this is essentially making a plugin version so that people can sell it as part of their coaching package.

People with coaching businesses could load all the information into this plugin, and then all of their students could get one-on-one access and 24/7 assistance in the coaching program from this custom chatbot. In my own development company, we have done this kind of thing over and over again for clients, so I know the demand is there. So, if you could create a plugin to automate that and essentially package it up nicely, then you’d have a very valuable business on your hands.

Seventh Business Idea With ChatGPT Plugins

ChatGPT Plugin idea number seven is an e-commerce data analysis assistant. Through this application, owners of Shopify stores can connect to their Shopify account and use the Shopify API to import all of their information and sales data. They can then utilize ChatGPT to provide insights to the customer. Once you have access to this data, you can then provide custom reporting, or you could allow the e-commerce store owner to pull insights out of that data in a new kind of way, and from these insights, they’re able to make better decisions about how they run their business. E-commerce is a huge business, and store owners typically have a lot of money to invest in anything that’s going to help them make more money or make their lives easier.

Business Idea No. 8

Plugin idea number eight with ChatGPT plugins is a YouTube research tool. This tool would be aimed at creators on YouTube who are looking for assistance in finding trending videos within the niche or finding pockets of search where they can place their videos. Essentially, you could get the users to provide a few examples of competitors, and you could go out and find more just like that, and then you could start tracking all the videos that they’re posting and essentially provide them with insights and examples of videos that are doing well within the niche at that current time. Alternatively, you can help them find holes in the niche essentially and find high-value keywords that would be good to create a video for, and since you block up a place, so you can rank high in the search. All of this can be done through the YouTube API.

Business Idea No. 9

Plugin idea number nine is YouTube Creator data analysis. This application is another one focused on the booming Creator industry. What you would essentially do is connect to the Creator’s account via the YouTube API. You’re then able to import the video analytics data so that you can start to provide insights much in the same way that we did with the e-commerce application. You can build systems to dig through this data and provide actionable insights for the Creator to improve their blog and continue their growth. Now, I know that there are YouTube consultants that are charging thousands of dollars per month for this kind of data analysis, so it should be a very easy sell if you can come in at a low price point with an offer like this.

Tenth Business Idea With ChatGPT Plugins

And finally, ChatGPT plugin idea number 10 is a news aggregator bot. This bot has another fairly simple one that you can create, which essentially allows users to get access to a ton of information in a nice, summarized, distilled form. For example, the user could come on to ChatGPT, switch the plugin, and ask, “Please give me a one-page summary of the AI news in the past week.”

This bot would then use the Twitter API to scrape all the AI-related content and then put it through a large language model like GPT-3 and start to dig through it and summarize it until it comes down to a nice one-page summary to give to the user. This would essentially be like creating your own personalized newsletter, the same way you get email newsletters given to you from different niches and different providers. This could be extremely useful in use cases like crypto and finance where people are able to make a lot of money based on correct information that is timely and up to date.

So, you’ve made it through the 10 plugin ideas. Thank you for sticking around to the end because these two are my personal favorites that I kind of wish I wasn’t giving away because they’re such good ideas.

BONUS  Idea No. 1

Bonus ChatGPT Plugins idea number one is a life coach plugin for Notion. If you’re not familiar with Notion, it’s a very, very flexible note-taking app that you can customize in a number of ways to personalize it essentially as a hub for all of your personal information, tasks, etc. One thing that people often use Notion for is journaling. This application will connect to the user’s Notion account through the Notion API and then it would extract all of their journal entries, privately and safely of course, and store them all in a custom knowledge base.

What they would then be able to do through ChatGPT is draw insights out of those journal entries. This application would use the power of large language models to extract information and insights from someone’s journals. For example, you could ask it when was the last time? I felt like this and how did I get through it, or what were the things that I struggled with over the past three months?

If someone had a regular journaling system where they regularly write down things that could have gone better during the day or things that made them feel happy or things they’re grateful for. Once you’re stacking these up over many months or even years, being able to extract insights out of these and compare like hundreds of different journal entries is something we’ve never been able to do before. And it could be a completely new product to sell to people. I would love to use an app like this myself, so that I can avoid manually identifying trends in my journals. The computer can do it for me.

BONUS Idea  No. 2

And finally, bonus ChatGPT Plugins number two is a lead generation assistant. Lead generation is a huge business, and it is vital to almost any business you can imagine. This application would allow users to set up new lead generation campaigns through a program called Phantom Buster. The best part is that Phantom Buster has their own API. So what you can do is create your application to allow people to build campaigns in Phantom Buster, all from the comfort of their ChatGPT interface.

Phantom Buster allows you to create campaigns that automatically scrape LinkedIn for leads, essentially extracting the phone number and email from leads that you were looking for in certain industries. Now, you could make this plugin even more valuable to people in need of lead generation services. You can do this by not only connecting it to one application, i.e. Phantom Buster, but to multiple different lead generation platforms, essentially allowing them to shrink their workflow down to just messaging ChatGPT. They’re able to set up campaigns on multiple different apps at once. This gets me so excited because this is the kind of crazy leaps in technology that we’re seeing from AI technology.


I know that was a ton of information, but you’ve made it through. If you see plugins as the life-changing opportunity that they are and you want to get more article like this, be sure to visit my website quillfind and read my post regularly so you get the next one. Because I have a ton more content exactly like this on plugins, how to build them, how to research different plugin ideas, etc. All coming to you very soon, so you’re not going to want to miss that.

Now, I do have one quick disclaimer to add at the end of this post. And that’s that I will say that companies like Spotify and Google, etc. I believe that they will soon or potentially in the future, they will be building their own plugins to integrate all of their functionality with ChatGPT. But I think we have a long time before we see massive widespread adoption of this plugin technology.

So you can move fast. You can build these applications and create cool use cases using these APIs. By doing this you can make a ton of money and potentially exit on the company while they’re still. Please don’t mess around, but also be aware that down the line. We may see these companies essentially take all of their application and make it available through a chatbot interface. So that’s all for today Guys. Thank you so much for going through the complete article.