The Best Sleep Aid for Babies Under 2: Secrets Every Parent Should Know

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If you are you looking for the sleep aid for babies under 2, then this article is for you. Because in this article, I will discuss the sleep aid for babies under 2. These are the proven sleep aid for babies under 2. These aids will undoubtedly help you. So let’s discuss the topic for sleep aid for babies under 2

The Best Sleep Aid for Babies Under 2 Secrets Every Parent Should Know

Why Is Sleeping Very Important in Babies?

If babies sleep, you will also sleep, and that is the most important thing. It is really beneficial for both of you. And the second thing, it helps in the better development of the baby, mentally and physically.

If someone is ill, it is really important for them to rest well, sleep well, and they will be fine. It applies to babies highly, and in that age, every part of their body is developing and at a very, very fast pace. And if it happens with good sleep, it happens very well.

So most of them worry about the sleep, most of the Google’s last questions with doctors, and you all know that it is not possible for a baby to sleep at a stretch. But there are a few things if you work upon. If you change a bit in case if it is not in your routine, it helps.

Sleep Statistics

At first, let’s understand the sleep statistics for babies according to the age and what is required until the age of five years:

Birth to three months: 14 to 17 hours. They sleep, not at a stretch, but for the whole day in between naps.

  • 4 to 11 months: 12 to 15 hours.
  • 1 to 2 years: 12 to 13 hours.
  • 2 to 3 years: 11 to 13 hours.
  • 3 to 5 years: 10 to Lana’s.

When a baby starts going to school, that’s when it completely reduces. But until then, it is really important for a baby to sleep this much. Again, these are standard calculations. It doesn’t mean that every baby must sleep a little here and there. It is really expected.

Tips On Sleep Aid for Babies Under 2

Now, let’s come to your favorite part of the article: ten tips to help the baby sleep better.

Sleep Aid For Babies Under 2 – Healthy Food Habits

The first sleep aid for babies under 2 is healthy food habits matter a lot. Your baby, who is only on breast milk on the initial days, must be fed breast milk more often for the whole day or towards the night whenever the baby is asking. You must really feed the baby. Don’t go by the clock. Most of them, as I observe, they say it’s just half an hour; I fed him now.

Do you know a baby’s tummy is really, really small, maybe the size of his fist? So when he drinks, and he pees the next moment, his stomach is empty. And this is why you cannot expect babies to sleep at a stretch. Do you get sleep when your stomach is empty? Definitely not. You must be full, and then only you get good sleep, right? At least you must have the required amount of food.

So this applies for formula-fed babies as well. In case they are hungry, be it during the day or during the night, feed them well. And once you start solids, again, there will be a minor change in the sleep habits because of the food, because of any allergy. If you tried to introduce something at night, it is not recommended because there may be allergy symptoms. Sleep patterns may vary because babies feel gassy. So it is usually best to introduce new food in the morning so that any reactions, you can take him to the doctor immediately.

Stomach Health Is Important for Sleep Aid For Babies Under 2

Stomach health or gut health of the baby needs to be really good because if a baby is cranky for the whole day in pain, how do you expect the baby to sleep well at night or even during the day?

Soon I will share some posts on tummy timing with your baby. Giving a stomach massage helps release the gas issues, and burping your baby, all these help release gas or relieve the baby from colic pain. Doctors or pediatricians say that babies don’t suffer from colic pain at night. So in the morning, whatever gas issues need to be taken care of, you will have to ensure that you follow all this. Gripe water is not safe for newborns.

So maintain good stomach health is also important sleep aid for babies under 2.

Sleep Environment

Sleep environment needs to be created. Now, clean bed, no toys on the bed. These help ensure that the baby is calm down and dim the light. Use curtains if you feel that the place where you stay has street light or something. Use curtains and ensure that there is not much noise around. Everyone comes on during that time.

It’s important to sleep together because you are creating an activity which may be watches and learns. If you want to go out and spend time post the baby sleeping, then maybe will not have an active sleep. Use white noise, which is just that sound that makes other sound to be nullified almost, so that the baby is not disturbed during the sleep. Or play any music which is calm and soothing to help him sleep better. Avoid forced sleep at all costs.

We generally sing lullabies or pat the baby too much and make him sleep, and now we come out and we play, we see movies, we gossip, we talk. The baby is active at the subconscious level and listening to everything, and will definitely not have a sound sleep.

Only when the baby is having good sound sleep, he develops well. His sleep continues at a stretch, otherwise, again he keeps waking up in between, and he will neither sleep well, will not allow you to enjoy the thing you are doing.

Not To Force Sleep

So it’s important not to force sleep, your baby sleep along the same side, same time, and also go sleep. It really helps when you sleep together. Baby knows that you are there. He feels secured, safe, and his body clock also responds well. He feels that, yes; it is bedtime. And now I understand that when you create a sleep environment, you will have to continuously tell that, Let’s go to sleep, it’s sleep time. Let’s go to bed bedtime.” Or read books at the same time, and they know that the environment is created, and it is sleep time.

Use Best Diaper

Use the best diaper in the market. Nothing best advice I could recommend, because you don’t feel like sleeping when you are wet. That’s the same logic which is applied to babies. Babies cannot have a wet diaper, cannot have a wet cloth or nappy on them and sleep. It may be daytime or night time.

You must ensure that you use the best night bus. If you are using cloth nappies, then multiple folds of cloth inside will help. Now, on the whole, what I want to say is night time sleep is very important. Do not keep your baby you wet at any cost.

Look Out for Sleep Signs

Understanding the sleep sign also important for sleep aid for babies under 2. Your baby may be yawning, being very quiet, not interested in any activity, or has bored with playing suddenly, and he is quiet and not making any noise, not jumping around, not crawling, and is just in one place. You must understand that your baby is giving you a sign that he is ready to sleep.

And irrespective of what time he gives these signs, take him to the bed and try to make him sleep. Because you cannot go by the clock. We are beings. They are little human beings. They also go according to their mood, according to what they had, according to many things. So, whenever they show any sign, just ensure you make them sleep.

Keep Consistent for Sleep Aid for Babies Under 2

This is a one simple advice which is given to many parents to follow. Any activity rather, if you want babies to follow such things, then consistency is very important for sleep aid for babies under 2. So, every day during that time, if you are going to bed, fix one time whichever suits according to your work schedule, your family’s schedule, what suits you best.

You will be able to decide and stick on to it as much as possible. If you are going on an outing, if you are traveling, or if you are going out for dinner, try to adjust it with baby sleep time so that you come back and make the baby sleep, even in a hotel, wherever you are traveling. And do not stress much about it, but yes, trying to ensure that you sleep around the same time helps. So consistency is also important for sleep aid for babies under 2.

Good Or Bad Baby

There is no good or bad baby. Many time when you go out, people aske the first question is, “Is your milk sufficient? Is your baby eating solids?” Not yet, we have not yet started. Then comes, “How well is he sleeping?” Most of the times, it is the first question because everybody worries and knows that if a baby sleeps well, it is good for the mother and everybody in the family. Otherwise, it is very difficult to handle and manage a baby.

Now, this doesn’t make a baby good or bad. If a baby is sleeping for a longer time, doesn’t mean that he is a good baby. Every baby is different. Some babies have good food, some babies sleep well, some babies reach their milestones on time, some babies have great immunity, some babies have good weight gaining happening. But not everybody has everything. There may be one thing missing or one thing here and there.

It doesn’t mean babies are flawed. Maybe there is something wrong with the baby. It’s just natural. They are unique. They’re meant to be.

What to Do if Someone Says Bad About Your Baby?

So, stop talking negatively about your baby. If somebody asks for it, just give a smile and move on. You don’t have to explain it to others, you don’t have to feel bad. The more they ask, the more you think about it, the more you feel bad. So, stop feeling negative, talking negatively about your baby. Don’t spread negative vibes around. Babies are little human beings. They can understand and feel every single thing.

Take care of yourself

I know you didn’t expect this to be here for the whole day. If you have been working, you are annoyed, agitated, and you have no patience left. Now, how will you calm the baby down? How will you make the baby sleep? How will you sing a lullaby or how will you read a book? It is really, really important for you to have good sleep and take care of your health. You need support. If you are living in a nuclear family, ensure that you and your husband finish the household chores before he leaves for the office.

Or, I’m talking about the days when you are at home and resting. When you are working again, ensure that you leave your office work at the office and come back home and concentrate only on the baby. Do not think much about the work. You may have to ask your superiors to help you with it, but it definitely helps your baby indirectly. Because when you are calm and you are able to talk and smile at your baby, the baby responds well.

The baby is more happy and with ease, you can take care of your baby. Otherwise, a stressful life can never be fruitful.

Conclusion for Sleep Aid for Babies Under 2

So, these were very simple tips which I had to share with you. Sometimes patterns vary. Every baby is different, as I always say. So, do check with your doctor if the sleep pattern is suddenly changing. Food allergy or some issue which you are not able to judge. A doctor will definitely be able to help you with it. So here concludes the topic for sleep aid for babies under 2.