Diabetes: All About Managing Blood Sugar Levels

November 10, 2023

Diabetes: All About Managing Blood Sugar Levels

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Diabetes: All About Managing Blood Sugar Levels | Checkout NOW

Today I am going to highlight an important topic in front of you. The topic is diabetes. Diabetes is widespread worldwide. This disease currently affects approximately 150 million people globally, and by 2025, that number could exceed 300 million. We were unfamiliar with this disease in the past. Diabetes is prevalent in every family in our neighbourhood today.

Diabetes: All You Need to Know About Managing Blood Sugar Levels

What is diabetes?

The pancreas is a small gland above our body. It’s like a leaf and the pancreas secretes insulin. Insulin is a hormone. It is essential for our normal metabolism. We consume carbohydrates through food. For example, let’s say sweets or rice or bread, etc. These enter our blood after digestion and raise blood sugar levels or glucose levels. The function of insulin is to transport this sugar or glucose to various body cells, such as the liver and muscles. Then it converts this glucose for energy or calories. If this insulin is no longer secret, or the insulin becomes ineffective and raise blood sugar levels. We call it diabetes.

How many types of diabetes?

When it comes to diabetes, there are two main types: Type One and Type Two.

The first is type 1 diabetics. It occurs after damaging the pancreas. Type one, diabetes usually occurs in young children. And the second is type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is becoming quite common in today’s world.

Why type 2 diabetes is very common today?

When due to any reason, obesity increases in our body. It turns out that insulin loses its effectiveness when we get belly fat.

Why does diabetes occur?

The food we eat produces energy, which we use for various purposes. If the intake and output we say I.e., the level of food intake is more than our normal activity or exercise, then the amount of food we eat will eventually accumulate in our body as fat. And if this fat accumulates in excess in the abdomen, insulin loses its effectiveness. This is what we call insulin resistance. As a result, raise blood sugar levels in the body. Diabetes occurs when the amount of sugar increases at an abnormal rate.

Why do we give so much importance to diabetes?

Now you can say that why so much talk about diabetes? Why are we giving so much importance to diabetes? Diabetes is a silent killer. On the surface you may not realize you have diabetes, but on the inside, it will drain you like a cockroach. If you think of a water pipe with water flowing naturally through it.

We can see that iron accumulates on it for a long time. Over time, it gets blocked. In the same way, if someone’s diabetes is uncontrolled for a long time, fat deposits on the blood vessels. As the fat accumulates, the blood vessels become blocked or closed. It’s raise blood sugar levels.

If this occurs in our brain, it can lead to brain stroke or paralysis. When it is in the heart, then there will be a heart attack; if it is in the kidney, the kidney will become useless, dialysis. If it is in the eye, it will damage eyesight and it could be necessary to amputate the toe if it is in the foot. All these are dire consequences of uncontrolled diabetes.

Diabetic Emergency

If diabetes suddenly becomes too much, then the body becomes dehydrated. When the patient’s blood pressure drops, the patient becomes unconscious, which is called a diabetic emergency, and in this case, it is not possible to save the patient without prompt treatment.

Then you understand how serious diabetes is and how important it is to keep it under control. I think after so long discussion you might be a little scared that there is no cure once you get diabetes. Diabetes means absolute death, but it is not If you have a little awareness, we can save ourselves from this deadly disease.

If you have diabetics condition and if you follow a few rules and see a regular doctor, you can lead a completely healthy life. And in that situation, you are no longer distinguishable from 10 other people.

Who is at high risk of developing diabetes and who needs to be careful?

It seems we should know too. Here are some risk factors we consider. The first risk factor is obesity. There has been a massive change in today’s world. We walk very little now. We eat more fast food than we exercise. As a result of which our weight increases very quickly and the risk of developing diabetes increases to a large extent.

Furthermore, individuals with a first-degree relative who has a history of diabetes also face a significantly higher risk of developing the condition. If someone has high blood pressure or extra fat or cholesterol in their blood, they’re more likely to get diabetes.

Women with a history of poor delivery, overweight baby, or polycystic ovary disease have an increased risk of diabetes. If you had borderline diabetes or prediabetes before, chances are you’ll get diabetes. If you are overweight and have a family history of diabetes or high blood pressure, it’s important to be mindful of diabetes. Being cautious from the beginning can help avoid the disease.

What steps can we take to avoid diabetics?

The first thing to say is that we must keep our weight within a certain limit. Weight controlling is important. How to do that is to maintain a balance between our food intake and our exercise. I have a special warning for parents. In many cases, both parents have diabetes but do not care for their children.

They make children accustomed to fast food. They were busy with computer or video games the whole day. Thus they don’t exercise at all and consuming fast food causes their body to burn calories at an abnormal rate. Later, child obesity increases and these children are at risk of developing diabetes in the future.

So advice for parents is to tell your child to avoid fast food. Give him homemade food. Ask him to play sports in the field for at least one hour daily. Then this child will be free from the risk of diabetes in the future.

Steps for adults to control rise blood sugar levels

What should adults do? My first thought is that we should completely change our daily food intake approach. Remember, certain foods can increase obesity, so avoid them. Fast food, including coke, Pepsi, ice cream, chips, chocolate, burgers, patties, chicken, and fries, takes the top spot among them.

The less you eat them, the better. If you want too much, you can eat 1 day in a month. So, what to eat more? Eat more vegetables, fruits, salads, even if you eat fish and meat, you will not gain weight.

How to control diabetes?

Control diabetes with diabetic plate model

What is the Diabetic Plate Model? Diabetic plate model is a plate model where the plate is divided into equal quarters. Half of your plate will be vegetables, fruit salad, one quarter will be fish and one quarter will be rice or bread. Then eventually the amount of rice or bread will decrease.

Along with this you have to eat two meals of bread and one meal of moderate amount of rice and plenty of green vegetables, fruit salad to control raise blood sugar levels. This plate model is not only for diabetics. It is important for everyone who wants to live a healthy normal life and if you eat before you develop diabetes, you will not develop diabetes in the future.


The second topic that is important is exercise to raise blood sugar levels. We live in the age of modern civilization. What has happened as a result is that we now leave the house in the morning for office and sit and work on the computer all day. We return home with a lot of fast food. After that maybe we are busy with video games or mobile and go to sleep for a while.

What is the result of this? As a result, our daily walking habits, our exercise habits, our movement habits are getting completely destroyed. If we look at the past, our fathers or grandfathers used to walk for miles. They worked in the fields. They ate home-made vegetables and fruits. Now it’s the opposite. We sit all day at home, office and we eat junk food or fast food outside. This causes us to gain weight very quickly and we all end up with diabetes later on.


Walk on a regular basis to control raise blood sugar levels. Make sure to walk for 30 minutes each day. It seems that, in your opinion, there is no available space for you to walk. This is the excuse I give myself. What is the way to avoid it? Of course there is a way. Let’s say you take your child to school. You will take him for a walk every day.

Let’s say you don’t have time. You wake up 1 hour early in the morning. Get up and practice walking for half an hour and it has been found in various studies that if someone practices walking for 10 minutes every day, he is largely free from the risk of diabetes and heart disease. So, eating and walking what we call lifestyle change is very important to control raise blood sugar levels.

What can you do besides?

Besides this, one more thing you can do is to see your doctor at least once a year and do some tests to rule out diabetes. Symptoms like excess water thirst, and frequent urination could indicate diabetes. Here you should consult your doctor without delay. He can give you the right advice.

Additionally, early detection and treatment of diabetes can pave the way for a healthy and fulfilling life.These are all recommendations presented to you for a reason. The reason is prevention is better than cure. It is more cost-effective and beneficial to prevent or cure a disease before it happens.


I hope these tips are helpful for you today. If you bring a proper diet into your life and do some exercise, walking every day then you will live healthy diabetics free life. So, hope you all can get rid of diabetes.


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