Does keto burn belly fat faster?

November 22, 2023

Does keto burn belly fat faster?

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Burning belly fat

Today, we will discuss how does keto burn belly fat faster, and I’ll explain the fundamentals of how to do it. But there are some very important details that you need to know. There’s actually 5 vital and practical tips that you don’t really find in boss. And I’ve discovered these just with experience of working with so many people for so many years.

So I’m going to break it down. I’m going to make it very simple because so many people get overwhelmed with all these details of how to do keto. It’s over complicated and then some people just kind of give up. So let me just show you the five most important things to focus on. You can be very successful right from the beginning and not end up where many people end up where they get to this plateau and they just can’t seem to get past a certain point.

So it’s always very important to learn from other people’s mistakes so you don’t have to make them. And in this article, I just want you to get the very important things you’re going to have other questions. For those questions and additional details, I have a million articles you can read later. But at least let’s get you started the topic for does keto burn belly fat.

Does keto burn belly fat faster?

What is the goal of getting on the ketogenic plan?

The goal is to bring your insulin levels as low as possible. That is the goal. If your insulin levels are low, you have a maximum fat burning. You have a maximum ketosis. Ketosis is a state of producing ketones. Ketones are the byproduct of fat burning, and so the more ketones you generate, the more fat you’re going to burn. And the faster you’re going to lose your midsection. So I think you got the answer of does keto burn belly fat.

Keto macros

Now, at the very top level of keto, we have these macros. We have carbohydrates and you want to keep your carbs between people, say between 30 and 50 grammes. But I’m going to tell you, keep them below 20 grammes or fewer, especially if you want to speed things up. And then we have protein. We want to keep that between 3:00 to 6:00 ounces of protein per meal.

But that varies depending on your size and your metabolism and your age and how many meals you’re consuming. If you’re just doing omad one meal a day, obviously going to be doing more protein. If you’re a bodybuilder, if you’re exercising a lot, you’re going to be a little more. But for the average person, just consume the amount of protein per meal the size of the palm of your hand. That’s it.

I just want to keep it really, really simple. Now, as far as fat goes, you’re going to be consuming 75% of your calories of fat. Now what does that mean, 75% of your calories? How much is that in grammes or oz? So for this article, I will not get into the complexities of measuring different grammes to get your macros. So when I explain the tips, you’ll understand how much fat you’ll need and how does keto burn belly fat.

How does keto burn belly fat?

Tip #1 Take Keto Burn Belly Fat

Instead of counting your grammes of carbs, it’s going to be much easier to consume certain carbs that you don’t have to count. And I’m talking about leafy green vegetables, salads, because this is mostly fibre. And the insulin responses almost zero because fibre is the only carbohydrate that does not affect insulin.

So when we’re talking about that, we don’t have to be counting carbohydrates. In fact, I want you to consume a larger amount of salad. I want you to consume at least seven cups of salad per day. It’s easy to do that. And one little tip on this point with salad to make it easier to consume is we use a salad cutter. We actually cut the salad down.

So we have this bowl of salad and then we cut it down, and it just makes it even smaller and it’s easier to consume. So instead of trying to be overwhelmed with all these carbs, just use vegetable carbohydrates, Like salad. And don’t even worry about counting your carbs. And you could put other things on it as well, like feta cheese.

Definitely put the olive oil or vinaigrette. And just make sure your salad dressing has, like, I don’t know, one or fewer carbs. Many salad dressings nowadays are virtually carb-free, but there are also plenty of other salad dressings that contain excessive amounts of sugar, which can pose a hidden problem.

Why do we want to consume all this salad to burn belly fat?

Keto is all about being low carb. Keto doesn’t emphasise adding more nutrients. The recommended type of ketosis is the healthy version of keto. So we’re not only reducing insulin, we’re enhancing nutrients so you can actually be healthier. There are notable benefits to reducing carbs, but incorporating nutrient-dense foods also brings enormous advantages.

Salad is abundant in potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, and various other vitamins, including K1 and folic acid. Additionally, it is rich in phytonutrient, which surpass the ordinary vitamins and minerals.

But consuming this large amount of salad on a keto plan will give you these nutrients to prevent keto cramps in your calves. It can help prevent keto fatigue, keto flu and it will improve a condition called insulin resistance. So it’ll help lower insulin even more and it’ll even give you energy. Let’s know more about does keto burn belly fat.

Additional Tip on Does Keto Burn Belly Fat

Now as a side note, additional tip, I always recommend doing your salad first. If you do your salad first, you’ll definitely not overeat your protein. If you eat your protein 1st and then your salad, I find many people can’t seem to consume that much salad after they eat the protein.

Now if you’re having a hard time with doing that much salad, do what you can and you can also enhance things with a good electrolyte powder. Now I’m not biassed of my electrolyte powder, but I will say that it is the highest quality electrolyte on the market. So the tip #1 is to consume the salad at the beginning part of your meal.

Tip#2 Protein

There’s a couple of practical things about protein you need to know. First, maybe you want to start with the protein the size of the palm of your hand. Furthermore, if you are an individual of a larger or younger age, consume a greater quantity. If your metabolism is slower due to age, eat less. If you have too much protein, then you’re going to find that you’re going to feel sluggish and that can slow down your ketosis as well.

Now the same goes with not enough protein. You can feel too tired because your body needs a certain amount of protein. Now the key with protein is don’t do low fat protein. Find a protein that has the most fat. Fat normally comes with protein, and so if you’re going to do a hamburger, which I actually eat a lot of hamburgers, get the fattiest hamburger.

If you’re gonna do fish, don’t get the leanest fish, do the salmon or even sardines. Both of them are high in fat and that’s going to be much better than the lean protein. If you’re going to do chicken, don’t just do the skinless chicken breasts. Do the parts of the chicken that have the skin and the fat.

Tip #3 Increase Fat Consumption

Now, if you’re new to keto and you’re just starting out, it’s very important to increase the amount of fat at each meal. So that you could consume more nuts. I like pecans, but you can do other types of nuts as well. You can do macadamia nuts. You have olives, avocado; you have more olive oil on your salad; you have MCT oil.

But the question is, if you’re eating all this fat, is that going to slow down weight loss? And the answer is yes, because the initial goal of the ketogenic plan is unnecessary to jump right into weight loss. It is to do this. And this is very important. So if you’ve checked out, just check back in right now and really pay attention to this. The next thing I’m going to tell you is that it is also very important to do intermittent fasting with a healthy keto.

Why is intermittent fasting is important to burn belly fat?

If you were to check your ketones, your blood ketones, and the scale goes up from zero to like 7, it can go a little higher. But roughly, there’s a scale, right? If you do just keto without intermittent fasting, chances are you’re not gonna get above 1-2, maybe three. Your level of ketones, the higher the more ketosis, the deeper fat burning you’re going to be in, and the lower in the scale, the less you’re going to be into ketosis.

So if you wanted to get your numbers like 4-5, maybe six, you need to add in a minute fasting and potentially even exercise. But we will not talk about exercise right now. We just want to talk about intermittent fasting. So the combination of low carb and imminent casting together is really powerful.

In order to achieve rapid results in eliminating belly fat, it is important to suppress your appetite. To start intermittent fasting, add more fat to your meals.

Tip’s 4: Don’t eat if you’re not hungry

Now the next point is don’t eat if you’re not hungry. So many people screw this up because they’re doing this robotic. they’re told this how many meals that you need to have per day, and they’re doing low carb, but they’re not losing weight and they’re eating when they’re not even hungry. They are doing huge mistake. If you’re not hungry, don’t eat.

Why would you want to screw up your fat burning? I mean, here you are. You finally lowered your carbs. Your body is tapping into your fat. It’s getting rid of the fat on your liver and your midsection, and your appetite is gone because you are eating when you’re not eating. And then you eat a meal and now you’re going to be hungry a little later. Because every time you eat, you pop yourself out of ketosis, regardless of what you eat, just because eating triggers insulin and high insulin blocks the state of ketosis.

So we do intermittent fasting, and therefore this rule is so important. So as soon as you get into this adaptation where you’re burning your own fat and your hunger goes away, the next meal, you cut down your fat, this MCT oil, the extra nuts.

Why would we want to do this?

If the body has a choice, it will burn dietary fat before your own fat, especially if you have a slow metabolism. And what we’re trying to do is to get you to burn off your own belly fat. And so you don’t want to go baffling with too much fat while you’re in the middle of this plant. In the very beginning part of ketosis, you want to increase fat.

And at the very end of this cycle, when you reach your goal, that’s when we also want to increase your fat. But not in the middle of this programme where you’re just in fat burning and you’ve lost your appetite. You’re not craving, everything’s going great. You don’t have to add a lot of fat, you just want to have the fat that normally comes with the protein.

Now, you definitely don’t want to go low fat, but just don’t start adding all this additional fat unless you have a high metabolism. When you’re doing intermittent fasting and ketosis, it’s crucial to get all the nutrients you need to avoid deficiencies since you won’t be eating 3 meals and snacks anymore.

If you’re planning on having two meals or just one, it becomes challenging to obtain all your nutrients. And that you’re in ketosis means that you’re going to be burning up different nutrients. The requirements of certain nutrients are going to be higher than they were before. So you’re going to need more B vitamins, more electrolytes.

One of the excellent sources of the B vitamins is nutritional yeast. I’m not saying you have to eat my nutritional yeast. You can do any type of nutritional yeast. Just make sure it’s not fortified with synthetic vitamins. But the B vitamins are very important. Electrolytes are very important, and sea salt is very important. If you’re not consuming extra sea salt, what’s going to happen is you’re going to feel weak. Make mental note of that and start adding more sea salt to your diet.

Now, if you’re consuming a large salad at that meal, the need for electrolytes will not be as great because you’re going to be getting potassium and magnesium and other minerals as well.

Tip #5 lifestyle change to burn belly fat

Our goal is to turn this into a permanent lifestyle change. We’re all about making this enjoyable. Your brain will work better, you’ll have more energy, your mood will improve, and you’ll lose belly fat. It’ll make you happier. You’re going to feel better. But many people miss all this kind of pleasure foods.

And so there are a couple of things that I include after a meal that you might also want to include, and one of them is a low carb chocolate. You can do lilies, chocolate, but there’s a lot of other chocolate, Alex, that you can consume but have low carb and. But I do a little chocolate after my first meal, not a whole bar.

I might have a half a bar and it’s actually quite pleasurable. The other thing you can do, not every meal but maybe a few times a week, is to make some really cool keto desserts and have one of those at the end of the meal. It’s very pleasurable, very enjoyable and that way you can log forward to having some healthy version of the dessert.

So if you do these basic things, these five things, you’re going to notice some considerable results

Bonus tips on does keto burn belly fat

If something is working, change nothing. So many people go along and they’re getting significant results and then they change something. Why did you change something? It was working. Just keep going. But on the flip side, if something’s not working, then you need to change something.

And the last point, and probably the most important point, is this concept of you don’t lose weight to get healthy? Get healthy to lose weight. It’s get healthy first, then the weight loss comes. And that’s what we’re trying to focus on, the healthy version of ketosis. So getting healthy and keep this really, really simple, I have included a link in this article. Check it out, get started immediately and send me your success story.


Q: Does keto burn belly fat?

A: Yes, it seems like it can. Keto focuses on cutting carbs, making your body use fat for energy. This shift might help burn belly fat.

Q: How does keto burn belly fat?

A: By putting your body in ketosis, it uses fat as its primary energy source. Studies show this could lead to a reduction in belly fat.


So, does keto burn belly fat? Yes, it seems like it can. The keto diet focuses on cutting carbs, making your body use fat for energy. This shift into ketosis may help burn belly fat. Studies suggest that people on keto may see improvements in body shape, especially in the belly area.

But here’s the thing – it varies. Not everyone’s body reacts the same way. And sticking to the keto plan can be tough. It’s not just about losing weight quickly; it’s about finding a diet that works for you in the long run.

So, does keto burn belly fat? It could, for some. But remember, sustainable and balanced eating, along with regular exercise, is key for overall health. Before making big changes, talk to your healthcare pros to figure out what’s best for you. Here concludes the topic for does keto burn belly fat:



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