Make Money With Binance In 2023 – The Ultimate Guide

Make Money With Binance In 2023 – The Ultimate Guide | START NOW!

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Make money with binance doesn’t have to be hard. So in this article we’re going to talk about how you can make money with binance. Now I’ve read a ton of article on google that are incredibly misinformed bland and way too technical. I’m going to give you my exact strategy and the step-by-step blueprint on everything you need to know about make money with binance in 2023.

Make Money With Binance In 2023 - The Ultimate Guide

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How I Went From $0 To $100,000 Investing In Crypto?

So the first thing I want to tell you guys is my binance account and how much I’ve been making over the past two years of crypto investing here. We have the breakdown of my spot profit-and-loss analysis over the past 30 days.

My portfolio is worth around $100,000 or 2.47 bitcoin currently. In the last 30 days, this portfolio made a profit of 24%, earning $19,000, including $2,000 yesterday. These current numbers weren’t always the case for my crypto journey. I faced many losses and learning curves, and gained valuable experiences. So my first ever investment in crypto was actually in ethereum.

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Back in 2021, I put in a thousand dollars into binance, which was money I earned from hard work in side hustles and e-commerce. I didn’t see much growth initially, but when the crypto market grew in early 2021, my portfolio started growing exponentially.

Then I didn’t have loads of capital to invest. I began with small investments and gradually learned to earn profits through more aggressive trading. Investing in cryptocurrency taught me about various projects, leading me to write this article to share my experiences and lessons.

My Last Year’s Experience To Make Money With Binance

So there was a point in life last year where I experienced one of the hardest market crashes back in may. This was one of my first major experiences with losses and market manipulation, which caused a lot of emotions we had to deal with.

I vividly remember holding bitcoin back then and watching the markets as it fell from sixty thousand dollars to thirty thousand dollars in just a matter of weeks I was making videos at that time about buying the dip when everyone was saying it was the end of bitcoin and when we were in a so-called bear market now because I understood the fundamentals of crypto and knew that nothing had really changed.

I remained optimistic, and I continued to take any opportunity I could to build more positions in the market and that’s where my portfolio had already grown to about five figures I diversified to more than like 10 altcoins and that’s when I started aggressively dollar cost averaging bitcoin and ethereum every single week.

The 3 Highest Value Mindsets To Have As An Investor

Now, as a beginner, here are three key lessons you need to know when investing in crypto.

1. Don’t Be So Emotional To Make Money With Binance

The first lesson is to never let your emotions continue, especially in the volatile nature of crypto. So what this means is rationally deciding to not panic sell when the markets are down or being too greedy. When the markets are up a rule of thumb for me is to buy the fear and sell the greed which is a basic working strategy that I used to make money with binance and I’ll tell you guys exactly how I use this strategy more comprehensively later in this article.

2. Don’t Be So Greedy To Make Money With Binance

The second major lesson that I learned is to take profits. Now, as much as I like to say, I’m holding for the long term and have diamond hands. There are lots of times where people become too greedy in the markets where it’s actually necessary to sell. And I’ve had a lot of experiences where I’ve already made a 2x in an altcoin for example and then I forgot to sell. Now selling and taking profits out of crypto doesn’t mean that you need to cash out your crypto to fiat money to cash for me. It simply means moving coins that I’ve already made profits on to stable coins like a tether or usdc for example, and it looks like putting these profits back into bitcoin and ethereum. So this is a skill that I think every investor needs to learn to become successful.

3. Abundant Mindset To Make Money With Binance

And the third major lesson I learned was to have an abundant mindset, so I’m always open to learning more about projects and taking use of every opportunity I have, even when the markets are down. Now specifically, over the last six months, I’ve learned that you can still make tons of money even when the markets are crashing and red if you know what you’re doing.

How To Make $100 Per Day With Binance?

So with that said, you guys, how can you make $100 per day with crypto in 2023 right now? There are actually a lot of ways that you can make $100 per day consistently with crypto.

Way No.1 To Make Maney With Binance

One of them is staking your crypto and stable coins where you can get interest every month or year simply by holding your crypto and physically doing nothing.

You can do this in the binance. For example, where you lock your money for a certain period and you can get easily five percent per year doing nothing.

Way No.2 To Make Maney With Binance

Now another way to earn money is by joining airdrops where companies will literally give people free crypto in exchange for a service or a promotion on twitter for example and there’s also a lot of nft and crypto giveaways that happen daily on twitter and nft flipping that you can also get into.

I have a good friend who’s really into solana nfts and he’s making a lot of money simply by flipping them. Now, one of my personal strategies that I use in making $100 per day, other than staking on finance, is trading altcoins. And how I usually like to do this is by going to this website it’s called coinmarketcap.

If you are not familiar with it, I suggest you take a look at the website called coinmarketcap. There, I check the performance of the top 20 altcoins by market cap over the 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days charts. Personally, I have invested and have been looking at projects like Ethereum, Solana, Terra Luna, Avalanche, Polygon, and Chain Link.

If you want to go to higher risk high reward, then you can potentially look at coins with a lower market cap. But if you’re just starting out, I would highly recommend sticking with the top 20 coins by market cap that already have millions of dollars billions of dollars invested in these projects.

Simple Working Crypto Strategy To Make Money With Binance

So one of the simplest working crypto strategies that I use is the fear and greed index, which is basically a daily evaluation of the markets that show how people are feeling about the prices right now. So as you can see here today, we’re in extreme fear with a score of 21 and over the past week we’ve been in extreme fear because the markets are currently down.

But historically speaking, the best buying opportunities come when people are feeling extreme fear and the best-selling opportunities vice versa to take profits are when people are feeling extreme greed.

So as a beginner, if you’re confused about when to buy crypto and when to sell your crypto, looking at the fear and greed index is probably one of the easiest indicators. Because let’s be honest even for people who claim that they can time the markets. I can tell you confidently that nobody can exactly time the markets because it’s very unpredictable and highly volatile and that is exactly where this second strategy to make money comes in.

How to Dollar-Cost Average Like a Pro?

So if you guys are not familiar with dollar cost averaging essentially what you’re doing is buying crypto in small amounts every week no matter what the price is higher or low and the purpose of dollar cost averaging is so that you can reduce the impacts of volatility.

This is extremely beneficial noting that it’s incredibly hard to time the crypto markets, and this strategy is something that I’ve been personally doing for the last year and the routine that I’ve been following is putting at least 100 every week into bitcoin and ethereum in 2022. What is cool is that right now in binance they just open an option where you can actually auto invest and dollar cost average crypto without physically doing anything.

So let me tell you if you go to the binance app on your phone you can simply press this auto invest button which leads you into a page where you can basically make a digital program that invests in a certain crypto for you binance offers a couple of good options bnb bitcoin ethereum solana cardano polka dot xrp avax luna matic and chain link. So, for example, if we were to try press on bitcoin, you can see that we have a choice to auto dollar cost average either daily weekly bi-weekly or monthly. Let’s just put a hundred dollars as an example for this article daily which means that per month binance would automatically invest 100 times 30 days 3 000 worth of stable coins into bitcoin and that ladies and gentlemen is how your dollar cost average like a pro.

Buying $1000 worth of Bitcoin

So if you want to buy bitcoin from the binance app it’s actually pretty simple. All you need to do is first deposit some money into your account to buy usdt tether or usdc which are stable coins and then you go into the markets tab where you search for bitcoin usdt. Then when you press on it, you can see the price of bitcoin and the graph.

And let’s just try to buy a thousand dollars worth of bitcoin for the purposes of this article. So when you press buy, it’s going to go to the open orders where you need to wait for people to fill in that order and it usually takes a couple of seconds. so once it’s filled, it’s that simple. You now have bitcoin in your wallet.

You Must Do This Security Tip To Make Money With Binance

Now before you make any major trades or investments, this step is very crucial, which is to secure your binance account with two-factor authentication. So you can use google authenticator your phone number and email to do this process as well as set up an anti-phishing code just to make your account more secure. And if you complete all these steps, your account should be good to go and you can start investing.

Is it Too Late To Buy Bitcoin?

One of the questions that I get a lot is seeing rich is it is too late to buy bitcoin. Now obviously if you were to compare the price of bitcoin right now compared to the price of bitcoin like 10 years ago, then that would be considered much higher right but if you compare the price of bitcoin today to a couple of months ago let’s say in January, then the price today would look really cheap.

The Best Time To Invest Crypto

Now personally, my philosophy in crypto investing is that the best time to invest maybe yesterday might be last month or last year. But the second best time is today and I think starting your investment journey as early as possible can be extremely valuable for your journey to be financially free.

How to Research Crypto?

Finally, if you guys want to stay up to date with the latest crypto news and I do think that it’s really important to do so, here are some options to look at now. Of course you have binance Robinhood Coinbase and then there’s also which is one of my personal favorites which specializes in the politics of crypto. And you can also get lots of great information from Reddit and YouTube.

Final Thoughts To Make Money With Binance

That ladies and gentlemen is how you make money with binance in 2023. If you guys want to learn more about making money with binance, make sure to follow my blog. Thank you guys so much for reading my blog post. I hope this content was valuable and inspiring as always. Let’s make this money at sea rich and I’m out.