The Easiest And Quickest Way To Make Money Online

August 30, 2023

The Easiest And Quickest Way To Make Money Online

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Today I am going to share some of my easiest and quickest way to make money online for beginners. Now you might be asking, how in the world is that possible? Now, how I make money differs from most people in that most of it is what I would consider being passive income where I do the work once and that work can have the potential of paying me for years into the future. And if you’re reading this article, you probably want to learn how to create some passive income streams for yourself. And if so, you are in the right place. In this article, I’m going to tell you easiest and quickest way to make money while you sleep.

The Easiest And Quickest Way To Make Money Online For Beginners

Making passive income has completely transformed my life. It brought me from a broke high school student to making millions of dollars per year and the only way that I could do this is through making money online. So now further a do, let’s jump straight into the passive income streams.

1. Make Money Online From YouTube Channel

Easy method Number one for making money online, while you sleep, is by running a YouTube channel where you never have to show your face. This is how I make around a thousand dollars per day, from ad revenue, from a dozen different YouTube channels I own.

And essentially, the way this works is you choose a niche. Some of the best niches include topics related to finance health, travel, or technology.

How to Make A Video For YouTube?

Now you might be thinking how to make videos for YouTube to make money online? There are a few ways you can make videos for YouTube to make money online.

1.1 Using Voiceover:

Number one, you can record a voiceover, you can literally just use your phone, you don’t need any fancy microphone and then overlay stock clips on top of that video. For example, channels like brainideos do this and get millions of views per month, which can be significantly more than a full-time income if you’re making money from ad revenue. And here’s essentially how to do that. Once you get over 4,000 hours of watch time and a thousand subscribers on your YouTube channel. You can then put ads on your channel and YouTube will pay you every single time someone watches and add before or during your video.

Now this point you might be thinking that doesn’t sound very lazy doesn’t it take a long time to build up a big YouTube channel. And while sometimes takes some time to build up a big YouTube channel following. It is still my opinion is the easiest way to make money online. Because you do the work once and it can continue to pay you day in and day out even if you stop uploading videos and I don’t know too many social media, too many online side hustles or anything where that is the case. So yes, YouTube can be the easiest way to make money online if you do it correctly.

1.2 AI tools:

You can also make YouTube very lazy by using certain AI tools to make the generation of your videos faster. For example, you can use tools like Pictory, which automatically grabs the best stock footage relating to what you talked about within your script and it automatically puts a video together for you. You can use software, like VideoScribe or VidToon, to make your videos as well. And think about all these AI writing tools that are popping up as well, for example, ChatGPT or jasper. They’ll allow you to make your script writing 10 times faster. And then you can use a tool like to make sure it’s original and unique.

1.3 Hiring People:

Another way to make this very lazy is by hiring people to do the work for you. This is how I run a dozen different YouTube channels. There’s no way I could do it without my team that I’ve hired, primarily from a website called And I give people to write the scripts, do the voiceovers, edit the videos to do is come up with video ideas and then upload an optimize, the finished video.

1.4 Using Screen Recoder

And if you can choose the niche, that doesn’t require too much work to make your videos. For example, let’s take these screen recording tutorial niche where you literally just do screen recordings showing how to use certain applications and teaching people how to do things. It can honestly take you like only an hour to make each video put in a couple of hours per week. Making three videos per week, you can build up a huge backlog of content very quickly without working a ton. And what’s brilliant about this is it will even pay you while you sleep.

2. Make Money Online Using Payout Partner Products

Method number two of quickest and easiest way to make money on the internet is high payout partner products. These are essentially products that you can sign up to be a partner for and then receive a commission every single time that you refer a sale to one of those products.

Now, the best high payout partner products are digital products and online courses in specific. And that’s because you can find an online course, to promote that charges, say a thousand dollars for their course. When they sell that course, they don’t have to pay any fulfillment costs. They don’t need to pay any fees to ship it out to the person that bought it and said they get automatically and it’s pure profit. And if you’re an affiliate for that product and you get 50% of that sell say the person pay 1000 dollars for it you just made $500. And that’s exactly what I do to make money on the internet.

Why To Choose Payout Partner Products To Make Money On The Internet?

There are a ton of payout partner products on that you can promote. And if you get just 20 sales per month, that’s $10,000 per month. And the reason this is so easy is that you don’t have to spend time creating a product writing scripts, making an entire course. Even though that can be very lucrative, you don’t have to do any of that. You can just skip right to the easier part, which is promoting and marketing that product. And the keyword in, this is high payout partner products.

In my opinion, you don’t want to be promoting things where you get, like a dollar or a couple dollars commission if you’re promoted to something like on the Amazon affiliate program, for example. I highly suggest focusing on ones that are gonna pay you at least $100 per sale that you refer.

And then you can just go crazy promoting it, upload faceless YouTube videos, like we talked about before. That way you’re combining two lazy methods honestly, one of the best ways to make money online. And just as proof that this works, I’ve made out over half of million dollars promoting affiliate products and that you can also promote.

3. Make Money Online Through YouTube Affiliate

Method number three, which is combining YouTube with high payout partner products, its match made in heaven. Both of them are the easiest way to make money on the internet because you do the work once and then you can make passive income from both. So you can generate ad revenue on the YouTube side and then also be referring people to get affiliate sales as well. You can make a ton of money.

4. Make Money Online With Blogging

Lazy method number four to make money on the internet is running articles online combined with high payout partner products. So, another great way of referring traffic to a partner product is by running a blog and there’s so many great blog platforms out there nowadays. For example, you have websites like web flow, you can literally get set up with the blog within less than a couple hours and this is something that could provide revenue for you for years into the future.

And the way that this can work is you do keyword research into what are the best blog articles the right about, and you want to write about topics that have a low amount of competition and a high amount of search volume. Meaning many people are interested in these topics, but there’s not much competition, so it is easier to rank.

And you can look at tools, for example, for finding out what the best keywords are to write about. This is also a YouTube keyword tool, so you can use it to find the best keywords for YouTube videos as well. And that’s what I use it for. Then, at the bottom of every single blog post you do, you can put a link going to the high payout partner product. That you’re partnered with a certain percentage of those people will click over to that, and you can get a ton of sales.

5. Academy

The method number five to make money online is starting an academy now. Don’t let this intimidate you. You don’t have to be a world expert on a topic to start your own academy. In fact, not certain in academy sooner, probably resulted in me not being in a millionaire years sooner.

So, this might be one of the most important things I could ever tell you for making money online, and that is, if you have any skill, you literally know one person more than most people on a topic.

I am highly suggest creating a product around that. Just filming yourself showing the skill that, you know, how to do. The skills that matter most are the ones that relate to health, wealth, happiness, or relationships. And if you can help people in one of those topics, just record a video course, like 30 different videos teaching the topic over the course of month and that month will be the of most profitable month in your life. Because you can continue to make money on the internet from that course, for years into the future. And here’s how you can make it lazy. Let’s say you build out your course you do.

Why This Method Is Unique?

It is unique because the work one time literally Just once a set of a sales page and everything to sell your course on autopilot, then let’s say you want to be ultra lazy and you don’t want to even promote it, but you still want to get a ton of sales and potentially make a full-time income. What you can put your course on platforms, like digistore24 and put it up on the affiliate marketplace?

That way, people who want to be affiliates, who don’t want to go through the work of creating a program can then sign up to promote your program for you and that half a million dollars is sales that I’ve paid out to affiliates, I’ve made half a million dollars, not even having to do anything because they promoted the program for me. So you can be on either side of this equation and still make a ton of money online.

6. Webinar

The method number six to make money online is turbo charges, this even more, and that is by doing a webinar. Now this doesn’t mean just doing a live webinar one time and then you make some money, but then you stop making money unless you keep doing webinars. What I’m talking about is doing an evergreen webinar and a great software for doing this is called Everwebinar. And all you have to do is to create a slideshow something like Google slide record your screen with something like OBS studio for completely free teaching, a given topic and then at the end of that webinar, you can link to your own course if you start an Academy or you can also link to a high payout, partner course. And this is how you can make money online.

7. Make Money Online Selling Stock Photos

The method number seven to make money online is by selling stock photos. In videos, you can go to websites like on five and just record random videos of things around your house around your town, that companies might be interested in purchasing.

I actually did this as a kid. I made several hundred dollars, doing it just filming some videos of like my dog sitting outside and just random stuff around my town and a couple people are companies actually bought some of those stocks clips and I made some money doing this. And the reason this is lazy is that you do the work one time, and it made one time video taping or taking photos, and then people can buy this stock content forever into the future.

8. To Make Money Online Creating A Digital Product

Please meet the number eight for making passive income while you sleep is by creating a digital product. Now, digital products can be things like online courses, which we talked about, in the case of starting an academy. But they can also be things like ebooks PDF downloads membership sites, software music, audiobooks, graphics, website, themes, templates, and writing packs.

You can either create these yourself if you know how to do so or you can hire other people to do it for you in places like or And when it comes to actually selling your digital products, you can sell them on websites like or And as with all digital products, the real beauty event is that when you make a sale, you keep almost all of it profit.

9. Make Money Online With Stocks And Using A High Yield Savings Account

Once you make some money with these easiest methods, let’s talk about what to actually do with it. And that brings me into lazy method, number nine, for making money while you sleep, which is by investing in dividend stocks and using a high yield savings account. Active 1: You can open a HYSA (High Yield Savings Account) at different banks.

I suggest researching to find one with a higher interest rate than the average, and ensure that it is FDIC insured. Then, when it comes to investing with divided stocks, you can use platforms like M1 finance or Robin Hood. And the best dividend stocks, in my opinion, what I’m currently investing in include SCHDG DGRO JEPI VYM and VXUS.

This is an investment advice, but this is what I put my money into you. And these dividend stocks will pay you money passively even while you’re sleeping. And it’s one of the most passive ways of income because you invest the money in it. These stocks one, and they can continue to pay you into the future doing nothing.

And then, you can even reinvest your dividends at your receiver to keep building up that nest, egg, bigger, and bigger to where some people like in Reddit communities such as the fat fire form, they save up enough money where they never have to work again. And that’s personally Michael, but it’s all been possible by learning how to make money online. First, one of the most important things that I think you can do, if you’re reading this article like this, you are probably interested in it.


So this is all about the easiest and quickest way to make money online for beginners. And hopefully, this article helped you a lot to get some ideas to make money on the internet. Thank you so much for reading this article.


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