Online Jobs for College Students: Your Key to Financial Freedom!

Online Jobs for College Students: Your Key to Financial Freedom! | Get Started Now!

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So school is back in session, and well, you need to make a little of money. Maybe you got to pay rent, you got to pay some bills, maybe you just want to have a good time. Or like most of you, you got to start paying back those loans. Well, luckily for your students out there, I have an impressive list. Today I have eleven online jobs for college students that you can do from anywhere.

These are remote jobs for college students that you can do as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. So perfect for doing from your dorm, library, home, wherever you are. And these online jobs for college students are going to pay 20 to $30 per hour. And some of these opportunities are actually going to be opportunities that you can kind of write your own paycheck.

So depending on your experience level, how good you are, you can actually make a pretty good chunk of change with some of these. It’s going to depend on you, your experience, your interest and what you’re looking for. But I think I have something for just about everybody today. So sit back, relax. Let’s get into it.

Online Jobs for College Students: Your Key to Financial Freedom!

1. Notes Upload Job Online For College Students

So number one online jobs for college students on our list, guys, is uploading your notes, uploading your templates, your study material to websites like Nexus. Now, Nexus is a website for students to share their study material. So if you are, it is somebody who is very meticulous in your note taking, right, and you are an excellent student, then check out sites like Nexus. Because what this is, it is a website where students can go and download study material. You can upload as much of your study material as you want for students to use. And here’s the cool part is it is run on a subscription service, meaning students pay to be a part of sites like Nexus. And every time they download your notes, guess what? Chunk, you get paid. So check out Nexus. Another good one is called Stuvia.

2. Online tutor jobs for college students

This could be another great online jobs for college students. You can go to and start tutoring other students and you can make around 20 to $35 per hour. But here’s where you guys can make some serious coin. If you are somebody who’s experienced, you’ve done well in prepping for Sat’s a Ct’s, then you can make as much as $100 per hour. If that sounds like you, check out sites and I’d also go to a significant site called

3. Online Retail Arbitrage Jobs For College Students

This one’s going to take a little elbow grease guy. But online retail arbitrage people are making a lot of money doing this, and it’s a great way for students to make a little extra money. Now you will need to have some money up front, but what you’re doing is you’re going to places like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Walmart, and you’re buying items that are on sale. Very, very low costs. And then you’re reselling them on sites like eBay, Craigslist.

But where I found a lot of people making really good money with this method is by going to Facebook’ The Market Place. And this is a great way to make a couple extra 100 bucks a month as a student.

4. Product Tester Online Jobs For College Students

Now this is a great way to not only make extra money but get some free product as well. You sign up on product testing websites like to Luna and Product Report Card and then companies send you their products to well test and then give your feedback so they can make changes. Also, help with marketing and things like that.

But the cool thing is not only do you get paid for reviewing the products, getting your feedback, but if you get to keep the product, you could either keep it or again, you could resell it like we talked about earlier on sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. So to Ching good way to make some extra money.

5. Online Language Teacher

If you speak another language English, French, Spanish, Chinese, this is in super high demand and you can make up where around $30 per hour teaching another language.

And what’s really cool about teaching another language online is when you go to websites like i talkie, Lee verbaling and VIP Kid, you can set your own schedule. So this is something that you can do around your regular school schedule. OK, because people are located all over.

Now just keep in mind when you’re doing an online language teacher or online language tutor, you will be trading time for money. But the cool thing is, is that if you start to get regular students, people that enjoy working with you, then you know you have set hours every week that you will be tutoring and you can make some really good money that way.

6. Online Virtual Assistant Jobs For College Students

Number six, and this is probably one of the best online jobs for college students to make some really, really good money and that is working as a virtual assistant. You can go right now to up work, that’s

And you don’t need a lot of experience to be a virtual assistant. People are always looking for help with things like responding to posts in Facebook groups, responding to emails, doing basic customer service work, and you can easily make $25.00 an hour or more than a virtual assistant.

And the way you start to make a lot of money as a virtual assistant is by taking on a couple of minor projects at a time. Start to build up your portfolio, start to get good feedback on Upwork, and then you can start to charge more money.

And you could actually be a virtual assistant for two to three different businesses at the same time and make some really good money that way

7. Freelance Proofreader online jobs for college students

Number seven online jobs for college students is becoming a freelance proofreader. Now, if you are somebody who has excellent grammar skills, I know I don’t. You can make some really, really good money as a proofreader or an editor because people simply don’t have the time or they don’t have great grammar skills and they need people like you to go through and edit their material. Now the faster you are at this kind of work, the more money you can make 30 bucks an hour or more and you can go to sites like Freelancer, up work people per hour, pro Blogger right now and start looking for opportunities as a proofreader.

8. Search Engine Evaluator Online Jobs For College Students

Now you’re not going to make big money with this, but this is a pretty easy, easy gig that you can do to make a little extra money. I would probably put this in the category of having a little extra spending cash each month, but people need search engine evaluators. They need you to go on all the search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo. Make sure that the searches are obviously relevant to the query. And you’re going to identify things like spam results and a lot more. And this one anywhere from 12 to 20 bucks an hour. But there’ are a couple sites that are always hiring for this type of work. So depending on your experience right, you can make up where around $20.00 an hour. But check out Apin, Lyons Bridge, and Workforce Logic.

9. Social Media Manager

This is another great online jobs for college students because chances are you all have social media accounts. You know how they work; you know how to run them; you know how to get the views; you know how to get the followers.

Tons and tons of businesses need help with a freelance social media manager. Somebody to go in and post on their account, respond to their account, and it’s a great way to make a little extra money. And you can easily charge 20 to 30 if not more doing this. You can go right now to Upwork and just simply search in social media manager.

See what other people are doing, see what they’re charging, put up your profile, offer your expertise, start to take on a couple of gigs. As you start to get more feedback, start to get more jobs, you can start to create a nice little business for yourself. I’ve seen people charging upward around 200 to $300.00 per hour as social media managers.

10. Voice-Over Artist

Now before you say, I Can’t Sing or have a horrible voice or I have no experience. Don’t worry, businesses are always looking for voiceovers, right? Just regular people who voiceovers to do promotional videos, to do sales videos, online courses, educational videos, how to videos, right? And yes, commercial videos and things like that. And there’s even a place called Online School for Voiceover. Now I know they have some free trainings and some paid trainings. I’m not affiliated with them or anything like that, but I thought it was a cool thing. Check them out if this is something you want to get into, right? You can make really good money doing this. They say typically, right? You can make anywhere 20 to $30.00 an hour doing this. You can go to And of course, a big, big place for people doing voiceover work is Fiverr.

  1. Audio Transcriber Online Jobs For College Students

Last online jobs for college students on our list guys and I think this is a great opportunity for just about anyone. But that is being an audio transcriber, right? Turning audio into text for things like closed captioning and subtitles. You can get started right away on sites like Rev and Transcribe Me.

Now the pay is going to be roughly anywhere from 15 to 25 per hour, depending on your experience. But what’s really cool about being an audio transcriber is this is a freelance position. Work wherever, whenever you want, and it’s a great way to bring in some extra cash each month.


Now guys, if you didn’t find something that quite fits you on this list, don’t worry about it. Check out my other blog post. I have tons and tons of other great opportunities for you guys to start making a little extra money to pay those bills, to start paying back those student loans, or heck, just to have a little extra spending cash to have a good time. Have a great school year. Thank you so much for reading the article. So let’s conclude online jobs for college students.