The Best Way to Make Passive Income in Crypto USA 2023

The Best Way to Make Passive Income in Crypto USA 2023 | Checkout Now!

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In this article I’m going to show you how to make passive income in cryptocurrency in USA 2023. If you’re just getting started, don’t worry, I got you guys covered because this is going to be a full easy guide into crypto staking. For most people you can make about $5 to $100 staking per day, and I’m going to show you the best options to stake your crypto in terms of profit, security, and popularity.

Right now, there’s just so many options to make a passive income in crypto and that’s why I created this list to help guide you into starting with your crypto passive income journey with confidence.

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The Best Way to Make Passive Income in Crypto USA 2023

What is Crypto Staking to Make Passive Income in Crypto?

So, the first thing I want to go through is what is crypto staking. So, for starters, staking is a method of consensus for proof of stake blockchain.

In simple terms, it’s where you can put cryptocurrency as collateral for the opportunity to validate transactions on a network. If you validate those transactions, you can regain your stake coin and earn a small reward, which is how you make money.

So crypto staking differs from crypto mining where you need tons of electricity and computing power, because when you stake your crypto, really the biggest risk is your own human error, like losing a password for example.

But in my personal belief, it’s always best to stake the coins that you’re already looking to hold long term. Because if you’re holding crypto for the long term, staking is an absolute no brainer.

But if you’re just a short-term trader, this is where you could be experiencing more volatility. Regardless, though, I think crypto staking will be a very beneficial thing to learn if you’re a beginner.

Key Mindsets to Maximize Profit in Crypto Staking

Now let’s talk about the different ways you can stake your crypto. So, there are two primary methods of crypto staking. You could do it in the centralized exchanges, or the decentralized exchanges. And this is very important because different platforms can give you significantly different yields for staking the same cryptocurrency.

For example, if you’re to stake $1000 of Cosmos at Coinbase at 5%, this is what your returns will look like after five years if there’s no price change, the total value of $1270.

But if you’re to stake that same $1000 of Cosmos in the native blockchain, which is a decentralized option, not through the centralized exchange, you’d get an APY of about 12%. So your ending balance after five years could be $1800. And that is significantly more money compared to the first option.

So, I’ve done the research for you guys and I’ll talk about the six different options that you can state your crypto for. The most gains are for being centralized and two being decentralized.

Centralized Option 1 (Binance Locked Crypto Staking)

Centralized Option 1 (Binance Locked Crypto Staking) 

The first option we have is Binance lock sticking, which is a centralized taking option that’s one of the most popularly used. So, as you can see here right now, in 2023, AXI Infinity takes the lead in the highest returns of sticking with a rate of 105%.

So, if you play AXI Infinity or you hold the token for the long term, this is a juicy opportunity to make some nice gains. And we also have other options like add a pancake swap and many other options which can give you 20 to 40% in yearly yields.

Now beyond this list, Binance lock sticking also has many other stickable options, including Solana, Cardano, BNB and Avax. But those popular and higher cap options usually will only yield you up to 10% APY, which, if you think about it, is certainly not bad if you’re going to hold a coin long term.

Anyway, from my personal experience, if you already use finance as an exchange or you want to stick in an exchange where there are the most coin options, finance lock staking is the way to go.

Centralized Option 2 (Coinbase) to Make Passive Income In Crypto

Now, moving on to the second centralized option we have is a coin base, which is an exchange that a lot of people used to buy and sell cryptocurrency. If you already use a coin base, then this could be the most convenient option for you.

However, compared to finance, a coinbase has significantly fewer coin options when it comes to stake and in terms of how much money you’re making per year. Usually, the rates only go up to 5% in the maximum, but if you do compare the coins they offer, for example like Ethereum or Tezos, the APY is not much different from if you were to stake it in a decent centralized option. So, if you already use Coinbase or you want to stick the coins that they offer, this could be a great option for you.

Centralized Option 3 (Kraken) to Make Passive Income In Cryptocurrency

Centralized Option 3 (Kraken)

Now the third crypto sticking option that we have is cracking, which personally I think is one of the better options compared to Coinbase.

Here you can see if you’re yielding out 5%, Solana at 6.5% and Polka dot at 12% which if you compared to the decentralized native option, it’s really not too far away. However, if you use Kraken to stay Kava, you’ll be getting 20%, which is extremely large, right? And from what I heard; Kraken is also one of the better options to stay Cardano.

Centralized Option 4 (Kucoin) to Make Passive Income In Crypto

Centralized Option 4 (Kucoin)

Now, similar to Kraken, we have this fourth option called KU Coin, which is another OG exchange that many people used to invest in cryptocurrency. So, these are Ku coins rates. Honestly, it’s probably not as good as Kraken, but they do have some good options with Hydra, for example, being the highest at above 50% APY.

Although something very important to note is that it is a small cap coin, so there’s going to be high volatility. But nonetheless you can also stick coins like Polka dot, Luna, Cardano and Chain Link.

Pros and Cons of DeFi Staking

So, there are still some decent options here, but these are the centralized options to stick in exchanges. Now let’s talk about the decentralized options which can give you some significantly higher yields.

And the specific term for this is called DEFY staking. Now the pros of DEFY staking is that you’re going to get higher rates, but the usability of the coin is going to be significantly lower.

This is where you need to be very careful in keeping your personal wallet and passwords safe because there’s no such thing as a customer service to call if you have issues.

Decentralized Option 1 (Binance DeFi Staking) to Make Passive Income In Crypto

Decentralized Option 1

So, the first decentralized option we have is Binance DEFY Staking. Now earlier in this article, we talked about Binance Lock staking, but there’s actually something different called Binance D Phi, which is an attempt to merge decentralized and decentralized forms of crypto staking.

So here are the rates of the top performing coins on the platform currently where you can see we have the hard token at 10% followed by Venus at about 7%, Swipe at 5%, VNB at 5%, chain Link at 2%, then we have Bitcoin and Ethereum at about 2% as well.

Decentralized Option 2 (Pancake swap) to Make Passive Income In Crypto

Decentralized Option 2

Now the second decentralized option, which is even juicier, is Pancake swap. And this is currently the most popular decentralized staking option we have in 2023.

So, as you can see here, the numbers are a bit outrageous where you have a lot of coins that are giving an APY of more than 50% even up to like 80% for XCV.

But I do want to note that a lot of these coins within Pancake Swamp are smaller cap out coins, so you’re going to face a lot more volatility compared to if you had stake coins with a larger market.

Why? Because the primary goal of playing these projects is to acquire Metaverse projects, which are still new. But I do also want to note that you can stake Pancake swaps own token which is a pretty popular token and you can get up to 66% APY and this is through the Auto cake system. So yes, Pancake Swap is definitely one of the highest yielding cryptocurrencies staking exchanges.

Why is this so juicy? (My Strategy)

Now you may be thinking to yourself, how is this even possible and what type of world gives like 100% AP wise for free? Is this even sustainable?

Now the honest answer is that is not in the current world we live in. Inflation is going way too hard at a level that forces these coins out of their high rates. For example, Solana and Cardano’s net rewards of their high inflation are just about 1% annually.

Ethereum, in contrast, is not as bad at about 4.6% net, but with huge inflation in the world like 7.9% it’s outrageous. That is the reason you’re going to see many out coins and projects offer these insane high yields to attract more investors.

That’s why I only stake in the projects I’m holding anyway for the long term and I like to stake in projects with a higher market cap just to better balance the risk involved. Thus, the best crypto staking platform depends on what project you want to stake and how Internet savvy you are.

Because if you want to go more conveniently than centralized platforms like finance, Coinbase and Kraken are going to be the best option for you, especially as a beginner.

If you start to get more experienced and comfortable, then that’s where I recommend you can start exploring the native decentralized options.


Nonetheless, ladies and gentlemen, that is how you can earn some passive income with cryptocurrency in 2022. I hope this article was helpful. If you got any value out of it, don’t forget to visit this website again. Thank you so much for reading this article till the end. So here I conclude the topic for the best way to make passive income in crypto USA 2023.