The Easiest Way to Make Passive Income Online 2023

September 14, 2023

The Easiest Way to Make Passive Income Online 2023

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So, what is the absolute best way to make passive income online right now and where should you actually be focusing your time in order to get the biggest return that you possibly can?

Well, my name is Newton and I’ve tried almost every method when it comes to making money online. And today I am going to tell you the absolute best passive income stream to make passive income online that I’ve ever come across, where the return that you can get from it is significantly more than all the other business models that are out there.

And the best method of making money online right now is called creating a passive symbiotic system.

The Easiest Way to Make Passive Income Online 2023

What Do You Mean by Passive Symbiotic System?

Now, you might be saying, Newton, what in the world did you just say? And it might sound complicated, but it’s actually very simple, in fact a lot simpler than all the other methods that are out there.

You see, when most people think of making money online, they think of creating an Internet company, like a software and spending a ton of money to put something like that together.

And they think you need to be some sort of genius, visionary entrepreneur like Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk in order to make millions of dollars online. Well, that could not be further from the truth. I’ve made over $5,000,000 online at the age of 22.

Right now, I bought my own house with money that I’ve made online and just a couple of years ago I was a completely broke high school student. I absolutely hated my life and if I could see the future of where I’d be in just a couple of years from making money on the Internet, I honestly wouldn’t believe it myself.

Why am I Writing This Article?

Now The reason I’m writing this article is that I see a lot of people going down the wrong path when it comes to earning money on the Internet. I see a lot of people looking for a get rich quick scheme, like a website that’s going to make all their financial troubles go away if they just click some buttons or I see the and focusing on such low leverage activities, trading their time for money.

For example, doing online survey websites or working transcription jobs and getting paid just a couple dollars an hour, at most a couple $100 per month. I want you to have the possibility of making multiple thousands if not 10s of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. And obviously I can’t guarantee you’re going to make that much just because you read this article.

What I can guarantee is you’re going to learn the same exact tactics that I’ve personally done as well as all of my successful students have done as well.

The first principle you need to understand when you’re setting up your passive symbiotic system is that the way that you earn money on the Internet is by giving value to other people.

Here’s exactly what I mean by that. If you trade your time for money, doing a regular nine-to-five jobs, or even a job on the Internet that pays you for doing a certain task, you have to keep doing that task over and over again in order to make money. This way you waste your time.

The way people become millionaire at an early age is not because they’re working 24/7 nonstop. It’s because they’re working on the right things. Remember that smart work is way better than hard work.

1. Make Passive Income Online with a Topic

So, step number one when it comes to doing this is choosing a topic. Now a topic or a niche is simply a category that you are interested in that you can base your passive symbiotic system around. And this is one of the most important parts in doing this entire process, and it might seem trivial.

What I want you to do is open up a Google document or you can just do it with a good old-fashioned pen and paper right here and write down at least five things that you are personally interested in. They might be saying, I don’t have any enormous interest, but don’t just write out anything you’re interested in.

Because we also have to consider the economic viability of what we’re interested in. We need to make sure that we can actually make money from this interest. So, we need to make sure it aligns with one of the following categories. These categories are health, wealth, happiness, relationships, travel or technology.

And the reason being is that there’s a market for these problems. And if we can solve people’s problems within these niches, we can get paid for it and we can make money. You might think, you know what I’m about to say when it comes to doing this, you might think I’m going to tell you to be a consultant or a YouTuber or something like this.

No, this is way bigger than all of those things individually. And this is literally what has made me millions of dollars online. So now that you’ve written down some of your interests within one of these categories, then what I recommend doing is narrowing it down and choosing one that you’re interested in more than any.

2. Market Research to Make Passive Income Online

Now, in order to do this, all you have to do is go to, search your niche that you had put in some search terms related to it. For example, if I said I was interested in running YouTube channels, I would search terms like how to grow on YouTube, how to make money on YouTube, and make sure there are videos going up in the past six months with over 100,000 views each on multiple different videos. This shows you there’s an enormous interest in this topic and then you’re good to go.

3. Acquiring More Information About Skill

And now it’s time for step #3, which is acquiring more information about this skill. This doesn’t have to be anything complicated. You don’t need to go to a four-year college degree on something to know more than most people on a subject. In fact, if this is something you’re interested in, you probably have more knowledge on that topic than most people.

If not, don’t worry whatsoever. You can literally go to YouTube, watch YouTube videos teaching this subject step by step and just take notes about the subject. Take at least a couple of weeks to a month to learn in depth about a subject.

4. Choosing Your First Passive Income Stream

And now it’s time for step #4, which is choosing your first passive income stream. And the stream that I recommend everybody at least consider doing first and foremost is running a YouTube channel. No, that does not mean you need to be a conventional YouTuber. What this means is that you create a YouTube channel around the topic that you’re interested in, and what I recommend doing is finding a sub niche within the overall niche of whatever you’re interested in and honing in on that specifically.

So, for example, if you want to teach people about YouTube, you could lean into specifically how to run at faceless YouTube channels, or you could lean into how to grow really fast on YouTube. Try to pick something very specific that you can help people and you do not have to be a world-renowned expert on a topic in order to just learn 1% more than most people.

And then teach those people that 1% and help them get to where you’re at. Because remember, the way you make real big money online, the way I’ve made millions of dollars, is by providing value to people. And then you get money from that. But like I said, you don’t need to be a conventional YouTube. You don’t need to show your face. You can run faceless channels. That’s exactly what I did when I was starting my YouTube journey.

5. Building Your First Passive Income Stream

And now it’s time for step #5, which is building your first passive income stream. So, the keyword here is passive. And when it comes to doing this, you want to make sure that you’re choosing an income stream that is passive. Let me give you some examples so you know exactly what can potentially work for this.

YouTube channels to make passive income online

YouTube channels, very passive. You upload the videos once those videos can live forever if you’re within an Evergreen subject. And you can get views in all those categories that I listed earlier in the article are Evergreen topics. People are always going to be interested in these subjects. So YouTube channels an amazing passive income stream to make money online.


Another passive income stream could include blogging. You do the work once, writing the videos, people can come back to it for years in the future. You can continue getting paid even when you’re sleeping. Remember, we do not want to be trading our time for money.

Affiliate Marketing

Another passive income stream that you could potentially do is affiliate marketing, where you promote other people’s products and then you get a Commission from every single sale that you get within my course and community to mastering monetization.

We’ve paid out over half, $1,000,000 to affiliates who’ve promoted our program before us, and they do things like run YouTube channels, promoting it, running ads, TikTok pages, Instagram accounts, sending emails, writing videos, and all these things drive traffic to a program and then we sell it and then they get a 50% Commission from that.

You don’t just have to be an affiliate. For me though, there are thousands of different affiliate programs out there that you can look into.

Selling Your Own Course

Another passive income stream you could look into is selling your own course. That’s exactly what I did once I had some success with running faceless YouTube channels.

I started my online journey at 14. By the time I was 18. I then started selling a course on that topic. It’s a lot of work to sell a course. It’s worth it in my opinion if you have specialized knowledge in a skill, but if you don’t, you’re just starting, then just partner with someone who has an affiliate product and you can go to as well as to find tons of great digital products that you can then promote.

Selling Digital Products

Another way to make passive income online would be selling digital products. Now these can include things like eBooks or guides and you can sell them on websites like And the reason it’s passive is that people can buy these at all hours of the day whenever they want and you can get paid for it.

6. Devote One Passive Income Stream

Step number six is now to devote the next three months solely to that one passive income stream. The worst thing you can do at this point is trying to set up multiple passive income streams at the same time, because then your focus is spread thin and you might make a little of progress in all of them, but you won’t make that exponential progress in one of them.

And here’s another passive income stream idea that just came into my head. You could do podcasting as well. There are so many ways to make passive income online. But as part of the step 6, make sure you’re focused on one stream of income. So, for me, if I’m starting completely over, my one stream of income would be running YouTube channels without showing my face until I get comfortable.

There are tons of ways you can run YouTube channels without showing your face. You can hire people to make the videos for you.

Also you can use AI video generation software like Victory to make videos for you. You can use stock footage with voiceovers. There are so many ways you can do screen recordings, like I actually initially did at the beginning of my channel.

I just did screen recordings teaching very Simple topics, got a lot of views, actually got to the point of making $27,000 a month just three months into it. Now, most people don’t get those results, but I did very specifically that would make it possible.

7. Make Passive Income Online with Complementary Passive Income Source

And that brings me into step #7 now, which is after those three months of focusing on a single passive income source, it’s now time to introduce a second complementary source.

This is the keyword. And this is where everybody goes wrong with putting together a passive symbiotic system. Most people all of a sudden want to jump to doing a completely separate business. They get what’s called shiny objects syndrome where they see another business model that might pop up through an advertisement or whatever, and then they jump to that.

So, they would go from drop shipping to running the YouTube channel, to doing the Samma company, to doing this and that. And that is not the best way of making money online because your focus is spread thin. Instead, you want to introduce a complimentary passive income stream.

So here, let me give you an example. Let’s say I created that YouTube channel teaching other people how to grow on YouTube, right? It’s kind of like YouTube perception at that point, whatever your topic is, let’s say you’re talking about health and how to lose weight on your YouTube channel, right?

Second Complementary Passive Income Stream

Then a second complementary passive income stream would, for example, be affiliate marketing a weight loss course or creating your own weight loss course or creating a guide that can sell it all hours of the day. And you need to make sure that the second stream of income is passive.

And if one stream of your income grows, you want it to feed all of your other streams of income. That’s what makes us truly symbiotic. Symbiotic means multiple things working together in unison to all feed a common objective, which is making you more money. And the way we do that, we provide value to the marketplace.

So now that you’ve introduced your second dream of passive income, let’s say we’re running a YouTube channel as well as selling an affiliate product. Now we’re actually starting to put together a real symbiotic system and this is where it starts to get fun.

8. Make Passive Income Online with Affiliate Marketing

Now it’s time for step #8, which is doing the math. And here’s exactly what I mean by that. Let’s say you’re selling an affiliate product for $1000. So, when people buy it, they pay $1000. Let’s say you get a 50% Commission of that and you get $500 per sale. I’m just using that because that’s how much we pay out to affiliates who sell my course and community. So, if you make $500 per sale, if we reverse engineer, let’s say you just want to make $10,000 a month, right, then you need to get only 20 sales per month.

They might be saying, isn’t 20 sales a month a lot? No, not at all. There are billions of people online every single day. If you can get just twenty of them per month, you can 100% doing do this. If dumb 22-year-old multi-millionaires are doing this, then you can do this too.

How You Can You Do This?

And I’m going to tell you exactly how you can do this. So, in order to get 20 sales per month, let’s reverse engineer how many people that we actually need to reach to get those 20 sales. Well, I can tell you that in the past, with running YouTube channels, point to 0004 of each viewer that’s watching, my channel has gone on to buy something.

Now this is going to differ for every channel and different traffic sources are going to be different. But by that math, you only need to get 50,000 views per month to potentially be making $10,000 per month from a YouTube channel, for example.

Or you could be running a podcast or a blog or an Instagram account. That’s another great stream of passive income that you could potentially do as well. I like YouTube better than Instagram. But right now, with the symbiotic process, we got our two streams of income and they’re feeding each other.

9. Make Passive Income Online with Faceless Instagram Theme Pages

And now it’s time for step #9, which is adding more passive income streams. So, if I have a YouTube channel, affiliate marketing, I’m going to add a third passive income stream. For example, running faceless Instagram theme pages, but making sure that it feeds all the other things so we can make this truly symbiotic.

So, if I’m teaching people how to grow on YouTube, my Instagram account would be about how to grow on YouTube, or at the very least it would be about wealth and finance and anything related to that big subtopic that we chose earlier in the article.

10. Make Passive Income Online with List Building

And now it’s time for step #10, which is building a list. So, it’s very important at this point once we start making some money from our channel and everything that we’re building a list off of social media platforms because it’s great to get a lot of subscribers and views and everything on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

But it’s also an incredibly good idea to have a list that you own. And the best example of that is what is called an e-mail list. And there’s so many e-mails list providers out there, but the one that I personally use is called

I also use it to host my course. So, I use it for multiple things. It’s a little expensive. It’s like $100 per month, I believe, for the starting plan. But it is way worth it if you just get one sale per month from doing this stuff. It’s way worth it at this point.

You should already be making some money with this process, so you can reinvest just 100 bucks a month, which should make you multiples more of that in the near future.

How Do You Actually Build This Email List?

So how do you actually build this list? Well, you do it by creating what’s called an opt in Page. An opt in Page is where you give people something for free in return for their e-mail. So, for example, you could give them a guide. That’s one of the best ways that I recommend that you can literally do this in a couple of hours.

Create a five-step guide. You can just watch YouTube videos to learn more about a certain subject. Put together A5 step guide. Just simply create it in a Google Doc. Export it as a, upload it then to kajabi or whatever platform you’re using.

 There are also platforms like click convert kit and so many other ones out there and then put that link in the description of all your YouTube videos. Now you might be saying, if I’m giving people something for free, how do I make money from that?

Well, the way you make money is that when they get to the end of your document, you then put your affiliate link at the end of that document. So, when people click that, you make a sale or if you have an online course, put your link to that at the end. So, if they click it, you make a sale.

And the reason this is so important to build up this e-mail list is, well, is because then you can start sending regular emails to your list, giving them more value they’re more likely to buy because people on average need to see something I believe like 7 to 10 times before they usually end up deciding if they want to buy it.

11. Make Passive Income Online with Outsourcing

Let’s brings into step #11 which is outsourcing to make passive income online. At this point, once you start making money, in order to make this truly passive, we can hire people to do stuff for us.

So, for example, with running YouTube channels, I have to get behind a camera and record videos for this channel. So, it’s not truly passive. It’s pretty passive in the sense I upload videos. Those videos can live on forever and keep gaining views that are part of its passive.

However, I need to create an increasing number of videos to scale up exponentially. But I’ve also recently started doing is I created a channel where I hire other hosts from to make the videos for me so I literally don’t have to do anything and this then feeds my course.

So, I’m making money from that and I literally don’t have to do anything. So, it’s adding a high leverage method which is outsourcing on top of a high leverage way of making money which is selling a digital product. Both of those are like a match made in heaven and you can make a lot of money from that.

12. Make Passive Income Online with Symbiotic System

Now step #12 for creating your symbiotic system is to create what is called an exponential flywheel effect.

You want to create something where, even if you do nothing, it will exponentially increase in the future. There are a few different ways that you can do this and a few different ways. I’m implementing this into my businesses that have already made me millions of dollars, but I believe they’re going to make me millions and millions more. And these methods can include creating an army to do your work for you.

And here’s exactly what I mean. So, for example, you’ll notice several times throughout this article I mentioned the fact that I have an affiliate program for my online course. Now what does this do? Mention this. Some people are going to go check this out. They’re going to sign up to become an affiliate and they’re going to promote my program and boom, boom, it’s a win win. We both make money, but it’s a lot more than that as well.

Because when those affiliates go out and they promote the program to more people, more people are then going to come and see this article because they’re going to look up my name, see who I am, they’re going to learn about the affiliate program, they’re going to become affiliates.

It’s an exponential flywheel effect from that the way you can take advantage of this is by creating your own digital product or your own online course. And then when people lined out about your course and they go to become an affiliate, the more and more people will find out about it.

And like I said, it can be exponential and you can make a lot of money doing that.


I believe most people out there have a skill they can teach others. If you’re not, don’t worry about it whatsoever. You can literally go onto YouTube, learn about a subject, become an expert in that subject over a short period. With the amount of learning we can do on the Internet today, we literally live in a golden age, in a golden era, for doing this. And I believe in you that you can make a lot of money doing this if I can do this from a broke high school student to making millions online. I truly believe that you can, too.

And if you want to see a completely free training on how to make money on YouTube without making videos, you can check it out at the top of this article. In this free training right here, I go over it step by step. There’s no fluff a free course right here. So, I highly recommend checking it out if you want to make money on YouTube without making videos. One of the best ways to make passive income online. Because, like I said, you upload the videos once they live forever. So, check it out everybody. Thanks a lot for reading this article till the end.

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